ServiceNow Consulting

Unlocking the Full Potential of the Now Platform and creating a connected enterprise

Experience a seamless transition to the cutting-edge Now Platform, the pinnacle of enterprise solutions offered by ServiceNow.

With its unparalleled capabilities, this powerful platform empowers you to create interconnected workflows and harness intelligent automation, enabling flawless integration and orchestration of applications across all areas of your business.

Service Offers

As esteemed ServiceNow Specialists, we provide top-tier ServiceNow Consulting services, empowering organizations to uncover hidden opportunities and revolutionize their IT processes for enhanced productivity and an unbeatable return on investment. Our holistic approach to ServiceNow Implementation ensures a comprehensive transformation within your organization.

As a trusted ServiceNow solution provider, we have guided numerous clients in revolutionizing their service management frameworks, eliminating bottlenecks across all business functions. Our expertise extends beyond traditional boundaries, paving the way for efficient and streamlined operations.

When selecting ServiceNow as your Service Management tool, it is vital to have access to industry oriented and expert ServiceNow Consulting Services. Our team of certified ServiceNow developers possesses the knowledge and experience to help organizations effectively identify, plan, develop, and seamlessly implement ServiceNow solutions. By maximizing the value of your investment, we ensure a remarkably rapid return on investment that exceeds all expectations.

Our ServiceNow Consulting Services follow a meticulous approach:

  • Defining requirements and mapping them to ServiceNow functionality: We work closely with your organization to identify your unique needs and align them with the extensive capabilities of the ServiceNow platform.
  • Designing planned objectives into workable models: Leveraging our expertise, we design comprehensive and practical models that translate your goals into actionable strategies within the ServiceNow ecosystem.
  • Deploying the ServiceNow Platform and optimizing performance: Our team of specialists deploys the ServiceNow Platform seamlessly, fine-tuning its performance to ensure exceptional functionality and reliability.

Embrace the future of service management with our ServiceNow Consulting Services and transcend seamlessly to the Now Platform. Experience the true power of enterprise automation and unlock your organization's full potential today.


Embark on a transformative journey towards comprehensive and successful ServiceNow implementation with our end-to-end consultation services.

Our team of seasoned ServiceNow Experts will be your trusted guides throughout the entire process, ensuring a seamless and impactful transition to the ServiceNow platform.


We begin by identifying the challenges your organization faces and thoroughly understanding how ServiceNow can address them. This crucial step allows us to align your unique needs with the robust capabilities of the ServiceNow platform.


Our experts conduct a meticulous analysis of your current IT landscape, leaving no stone unturned. By gaining a holistic view of your existing systems, processes, and workflows, we can craft a tailored implementation strategy that seamlessly integrates ServiceNow.

Roadmap Creation

With deep insights gained from analysis, we create a comprehensive roadmap for ServiceNow adoption and implementation. This roadmap meticulously outlines the costs, resource requirements, time constraints, and a well-defined plan for various crucial aspects, including:

1. Migration from legacy ITSM to the new ServiceNow platform: We ensure a smooth transition, migrating your valuable data and processes with minimal disruption.

2. Development of a new ServiceNow application: Our experts design and develop custom applications within ServiceNow to precisely fit your business needs, enhancing efficiency and productivity.


During the implementation phase, we ensure that ServiceNow is seamlessly integrated with your business functionality. Our approach encompasses:

1.App Development: We build tailored applications within ServiceNow, optimizing its power to enhance your specific operations.

2.Integration with existing systems: We seamlessly integrate ServiceNow with your current IT infrastructure management, ITSM solutions, email systems, cloud services, CRM, ERP, and more, creating a unified and streamlined ecosystem.

3.Customizations as per business needs: We adapt ServiceNow to align perfectly with your unique business requirements, maximizing its value and impact.


We provide ongoing monitoring to track the performance of your ServiceNow implementation. Through business reports, dynamic dashboards, and performance analytics, we ensure that your organization reaps the full benefits of ServiceNow's capabilities.


Even after implementation, our support continues. We offer post-implementation support, assisting you in mitigating future challenges and maximizing the long-term value of your ServiceNow investment.


Improved Service Delivery

With ServiceNow, you'll witness a remarkable improvement in service delivery. Our smarter applications enable seamless multi-channel customer experiences, empowering you to exceed customer expectations and foster loyalty.

Enterprise Transformation

ServiceNow allows you to connect and transform the capabilities of your front, middle, and back offices. Embrace a customer-centric business model where every aspect of your organization works harmoniously, resulting in enhanced operational efficiency and unprecedented agility.

Enhanced Business Outcome

By implementing ServiceNow, you'll experience a wide range of tangible business outcomes. Expect increased productivity, as manual processes are automated and streamlined. Enjoy fewer outages, faster resolution times for customer inquiries, rapid response to security incidents, and reduced time to build applications. Each of these benefits contributes to a more efficient and successful business operation.

Faster Time to Market

With ServiceNow, you'll gain a significant edge in the market. The platform enables quick deployment, allowing you to bring your innovative ideas to fruition faster than ever before. The result? A higher return on investment (ROI) as you capture new market opportunities swiftly and efficiently.

ServiceNow Solution Expertise

With our vast experience in implementing a wide range of ServiceNow solutions, we have become experts in building connected enterprises and modernizing business operations through cutting-edge technology. Our technical prowess and deep knowledge of ServiceNow enable us to deliver impactful solutions tailored to your specific needs.

ServiceNow Customer Service Management

We excel in implementing ServiceNow's Customer Service Management solution, revolutionizing the way you interact with and delight your customers. From seamless omni-channel support to efficient case management, we help you deliver unparalleled customer experiences that drive satisfaction and loyalty.

ServiceNow ITSM (IT Service Management)

As specialists in ServiceNow ITSM, we empower organizations to streamline their IT operations and enhance service delivery. With our expertise, you'll experience efficient incident and problem management, robust change management, and seamless service catalog implementations, ensuring optimal IT performance.

ServiceNow ITBM (IT Business Management)

We understand the criticality of aligning IT with business strategy. Through ServiceNow ITBM, we enable organizations to effectively manage their projects, portfolios, and resources. Achieve optimal project outcomes, strategic alignment, and resource optimization, driving business growth and success.

ServiceNow ITAM (IT Asset Management)

Our proficiency in ServiceNow ITAM allows us to help you optimize your IT asset lifecycle management. From procurement to retirement, we ensure accurate asset tracking, efficient license management, and cost optimization, providing visibility and control over your IT assets.

ServiceNow ITOM (IT Operations Management)

Leveraging ServiceNow ITOM, we empower organizations to maximize operational efficiency. Our expertise spans across event management, infrastructure discovery, cloud management, and more. Achieve proactive incident prevention, rapid resolution, and end-to-end visibility into your IT infrastructure.

ServiceNow Platform

As ServiceNow platform experts, we harness the full potential of this robust technology. We build customized solutions that align precisely with your unique requirements, creating a scalable and future-ready foundation for your digital transformation journey.

ServiceNow Governance, Risk, and Compliance

We specialize in ServiceNow Governance, Risk, and Compliance solutions, enabling organizations to ensure regulatory compliance, mitigate risk, and strengthen internal controls. Our expertise helps you establish effective risk management frameworks and streamline compliance processes.

ServiceNow Security Operations

With our proficiency in ServiceNow Security Operations, we assist organizations in strengthening their cybersecurity posture. Our solutions enable efficient threat detection, rapid incident response, and comprehensive security incident management, safeguarding your critical assets.


VTS combines expertise in the NOW platform and cloud solutions to provide a hassle-free solution for hybrid cloud management.

Our unique differentiators maximize value, foster innovation, and deliver exceptional experiences and productivity.

  • Hassle-Free Hybrid Cloud Management: Seamlessly manage hybrid cloud infrastructure across on-premises, private cloud, and public cloud environments with our expertise in the NOW platform and cloud technologies.
  • Comprehensive Support Models: Enjoy exceptional 24/7 support with flexible onsite and offshore options, ensuring continuous assistance aligned with your business requirements.
  • IT Digital Transformation Expertise: Benefit from our expertise in IT Digital Transformation, driving value and innovation to achieve sustainable outcomes and exceptional experiences.
  • Certified ServiceNow Consultants: Leverage our global team of certified ServiceNow consultants for successful implementations, migrations, upgrades, and consulting.
  • Extensive ServiceNow Engagements and Support: Trust our proven track record of excellence in delivering AMS models, including implementations, migrations, upgrades, and ongoing support.
  • Enterprise Transformation Partner: As your go-to transformational partner, we drive impactful digital transformations for enterprises of all sizes, providing tailored solutions for growth and success.

Choose VTS as your transformational partner to unlock the true potential of digital transformation. Together, we will propel your enterprise to new heights of success through our differentiators.


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