Azure Infrastructure Services

Harness the unparalleled capabilities of the Microsoft Azure cloud platform.

Experience the full breadth of our Azure cloud service portfolio, backed by an exceptional partnership with Microsoft.

Our comprehensive approach covers every aspect of your cloud journey, providing agility and support at every step. We implement a well-structured and risk-mitigated cloud strategy to seamlessly migrate your existing infrastructure and applications to Azure, unlocking scalability, security, networking, and performance enhancements.

Service Offers

Collaborating closely with your team, we leverage our proven expertise and end-to-end cloud services for Azure to lay a strong technology foundation, embracing new hybrid, edge, and multi-cloud initiatives.

As we integrate top-tier security measures and comprehensive cloud-managed services, we engineer cutting-edge platforms and modernize infrastructure through the power of automation and software-defined capabilities.


SAP on Azure Services

Achieve a seamless migration of your SAP applications to Azure through an efficient and accelerated strategy. Experience faster time-to-market, enhanced cost efficiency, and seamless interoperability. We assist you in optimizing your investments, ensuring application security, and delivering comprehensive managed services for a successful SAP on Azure transformation.

Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Support

Elevate your business strategy with our reliable cloud application storage solutions. Safeguard, replicate, and ensure the resilience of your virtual machines with Azure Backup services and Azure Site Recovery services. Experience end-to-end disaster recovery and business continuity support for seamless operations.

Cloud Hosting, Migration, DevOps, and Operations

Speed up your cloud transformation and fully harness its potential for hosting collaboration systems and re-architecting applications seamlessly. Our Azure DevOps solutions deliver comprehensive, flexible, and resilient DevOps processes, tools, and techniques, ensuring efficient code and application management throughout your migration journey.

Database Services

Discover the advantages of Azure's Platform as a Service (PaaS) Database services, offering high availability architecture, scalable development capabilities, and a reliable relational data model. Whether you require Azure SQL Database, Azure Cosmos DB, or Azure Database for MySQL, our expertise lies in seamlessly migrating your existing data to Azure's robust Database services, leveraging the Azure Data Migration service.

Strategic Consulting & Advisory

Craft a visionary Azure cloud strategy, elevating your enterprise with a holistic roadmap assessment.

Hybrid Cloud Infrastructure

Achieve maximum flexibility by seamlessly utilizing the combined capabilities of public and private clouds, ensuring a truly unified hybrid experience. Effortlessly integrate Azure ExpressRoute with our team's extensive networking knowledge to simplify the implementation process.

Cloud Security & Automation

Cloud Security & Automation Unify your security management with automated monitoring and enable advanced threat protection with unparalleled security intelligence to help identify rapidly evolving threats early.

Cloud Networking & Edge Computing

Create a sophisticated edge computing infrastructure on the Azure platform that considers the gathering of data from various endpoints, such as Azure and other major cloud service providers, while also incorporating global-scale network management and advanced monitoring for seamless system integration.

Cloud Transformation & Optimization

Streamline your migration initiative by aligning it with our outcome-oriented accelerators and frameworks. Optimize and transition your existing infrastructure and business applications to the Azure cloud, benefiting from reduced costs and simplified management.


We leverage the power of transformation to unlock the business value of Microsoft Azure, offering a comprehensive range of cloud services and specialized knowledge in swiftly establishing core cloud capabilities and seamless integration on the highly acclaimed Azure platform.

With our exceptional expertise in ERP and Azure-ready SAP solutions, we adeptly manage SAP workloads on Azure.

Through our AI, analytics, and automation-driven platform solutions, proprietary migration methodology, robust data security, and tailored industry-specific solutions, we ensure a consistent digital experience, cost-effectiveness, and elevated cloud maturity. As a Cloud Service Provider (CSP), we handle all your cloud subscriptions, whether they are new or renewed, with our specialized VTS CSP model.


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