Collaboration – Microsoft Teams and SharePoint

Empower Productivity: Collaborate, Work and Share Seamlessly across Any Device and Any Location

A driven and committed workforce is essential for achieving success in business.

Consequently, organizations require a fast and effective communication and collaboration system to enhance productivity.

Service Offers

Microsoft Teams and SharePoint provide a comprehensive solution that encompasses instant messaging, voice/video calls, meetings, file sharing and editing, project tracking, calendars, and more.

These platforms seamlessly integrate with Office 365 and third-party applications. By organizing information into specific channels, Microsoft Teams minimizes disruptions caused by irrelevant conversations. VTS supports organizations in fostering effective and efficient team connectivity by harnessing the robust collaboration capabilities of Microsoft Teams and SharePoint.


Application Enablement

The application empowers the adoption of innovative and adaptable operating models, providing the flexibility needed to achieve business objectives and spur growth. At VTS, we assist companies in creating and implementing customized application solutions, incorporating tailored configurations, seamless integrations with SharePoint and other applications, and more.


The expertise of VTS professionals in corporate governance best practices and solutions runs deep. We possess extensive knowledge in establishing organizational compliance and governance measures for external sharing, permissions management, and other related areas.

Infrastructure Design & Build

Achieving business profitability and agility is paramount, and it can be accomplished through meticulous capacity planning and infrastructure design while prioritizing security. VTS's infrastructure services are designed to optimize IT infrastructure, ensuring the delivery of high-quality services that drive tangible business value.

Specialized Services

VTS excels in driving substantial impact by seamlessly integrating emerging technologies, including the development of bots, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), automation, social media, and mobile applications. We also prioritize adoption and user training to ensure successful implementation and alignment with these transformative technologies.

Consulting & Advisory

VTS's holistic approach to IT integration aims to enhance effectiveness and minimize unnecessary services that do not contribute value. We facilitate organizational readiness, develop deployment roadmaps, devise strategies for cloud adoption, and provide various other solutions to drive success.


With years of experience in delivering exceptional Microsoft services, we have earned recognition for our collaborative engagement approach in every project.

Our Microsoft Centre of Excellence and esteemed thought leaders possess vast expertise in enabling clients to derive value from their Microsoft Solutions deployments.

Leveraging our strong global partnership with Microsoft, our teams have access to the latest consulting, implementation, and integration practices within the Microsoft collaboration suite. We assist you in harnessing the power of Teams and SharePoint to overcome communication and collaboration challenges by ensuring successful user adoption, swift deployment, and effective organizational change management. By empowering your stakeholders, we enable them to maximize the value they can achieve from Teams and SharePoint.


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