Application Development

Expanding Business Horizons through Microsoft Application Development.

In today's competitive landscape, businesses face the challenge of standing out from their competitors, both existing and emerging.

With disruptive trends and the rise of the sharing economy, enterprises are actively embracing digital technologies and charting their path to digital transformation. This often entails significant changes to the application landscape, requiring the development and deployment of innovative, business-centric applications in a nimble, cost-effective, and efficient manner.

Service Offers

VTS is dedicated to helping enterprises achieve these objectives by harnessing the power of Microsoft's highly adaptable programming models, frameworks, and API sets.

We assist you in creating tailored, result-oriented solutions using Microsoft .NET Framework, C#, and SQL Server. By leveraging industry best practices and our exceptional capabilities, we cover the entire application lifecycle, encompassing Development, Maintenance, Modernization, and Optimization.


Web Development

Enhance your business with powerful web development services that strategically elevate your online presence. Our team specializes in crafting captivating, visually appealing designs and delivering top-notch web development solutions. Our services are scalable, collaborative, and immersive, ensuring an exceptional user experience tailored to the content preferences of the audiences.

Implementation & Upgrades

Boost your timeline and optimize value by partnering with our team of VTS experts. We possess unparalleled industry knowledge and employ efficient lean principles to streamline the process of developing and upgrading cutting-edge agile applications. Our industry-leading capabilities ensure that we deliver the desired business outcomes you seek while adhering to the highest standards of quality and efficiency.

Application Support

We offer adaptable support services that cater to your strategic needs, implementation requirements, and high-performance business solutions, enabling value-driven engagements. Our team of experienced professionals at VTS provides comprehensive support in maintaining your business applications, ensuring uninterrupted operations and continuous improvement. With our unwavering assistance, you can rely on us to address any challenges and keep your applications running smoothly.

Integration Services

Drive innovation in your business-to-business integration by leveraging distributed business processes, service-oriented architectures, and other cutting-edge approaches to revitalize your application portfolio. Our integration services unite your business workflows, ensuring they are harmonized, reliable, and scalable. This integration enables a seamless flow of information and activities across your organization, fostering consistency and empowering your business to adapt and thrive in a rapidly evolving landscape.


VTS possesses extensive expertise and a proven track record in developing, managing, and supporting IT solutions built on Microsoft development technology stacks.

We differentiate ourselves through a few critical success factors:

  • Early definition of measurable business results and success criteria.
  • Utilization of agile-based development approaches, seamlessly integrated with end-to-end application life cycle ownership, encompassing development through retirement.
  • Provision of comprehensive and timely client reporting through executive dashboards.
  • Implementation of robust governance practices.
  • Access to highly esteemed domain and technology experts, enabling us to leverage their deep knowledge and insights.


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