The media and entertainment industry is experiencing significant transformations due to evolving market dynamics, such as the rise of OTT and digital content consumption, as well as the growing importance of establishing intimate connections with audiences. Broadcasters, advertisers, gamers, and entertainers face the challenge of consistently delivering effective content that captivates, informs, and delights their audiences while ensuring privacy and trust are safeguarded.

In a world filled with endless choices and content options, media and entertainment companies from various segments are harnessing a wide range of technologies to foster deep, immersive, and personalized relationships at scale.

To succeed in this rapidly evolving landscape, it is crucial for organizations to seamlessly integrate processes, people, and capabilities. By creating seamless user experiences, adopting flexible business models, and leveraging predictive insights, media and entertainment enterprises can effectively target new opportunities and thrive in the industry.

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Is your media enterprise

struggling to achieve scalability and

flexibility in its architecture??

  • Do you find it challenging to deliver outstanding consumer and audience experiences by utilizing data from various sources?
  • Are you in the process of modernizing your sales and marketing models for digital channels?
  • Are you seeking new avenues for growth in areas such as gaming, virtual reality, sports-tech, and more?
  • Do you want to optimize budget spends and continuously improve cost efficiency through technology implementation?
AMS Services


AMS Services
  • Transformation centric AMS
  • Modernization, Implementation & support
  • Quality Assurance & Testing
Digital Advisory


Digital Advisory
  • Digital roadmap
  • Advisory & consulting
  • POC-POV-Implementation -Value realization in areas like RPA, AI & ML
Infrastructure Management


Infrastructure Management
  • Cloud Technology Management
  • Unified Communication and Device Management
  • Big Data and Database Management
  • Managed Infrastructure Services
Mobility Solutions


Mobility Solutions
  • Mobility Advisory
  • Mobility Application Development
  • Mobility QA Services
  • Enterprise Mobility
Analytics & Business Intelligence


Analytics & Business Intelligence
  • Marketing and Business Analytics
  • Revenue Management
  • Customer and Digital Analytics


Having collaborated with prominent players in the media and entertainment industry, VTS has gained extensive expertise across various domains, irrespective of the platform, device, or geographical location. Our comprehensive understanding of the industry enables us to assist media and entertainment organizations in overcoming intricate business obstacles through tailored digital services and solutions. By leveraging our offerings, businesses can streamline their operations, enhance profitability, and embark on a transformative journey.

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