Enhancing mining operations through innovation

and business transformation to

achieve agility, predictability, and


Historically known for its reliance on manual labour and capital-intensive assets, the present-day mining industry is witnessing a notable shift towards intelligence-driven predictive technologies.

These technologies are being applied to various aspects, such as connected supply chains, environmental social and governance (ESG) practices, and long-term financial viability. Collaborative efforts in real-time are proving instrumental in driving successful mining innovations. However, the sector is concurrently facing increased regulatory scrutiny, compelling companies to explore novel approaches for community engagement and surpassing minimum safety standards.

To achieve enhanced control over the entire mining lifecycle, ensure enterprise visibility, and sustain long-term profitability, integrating and harmonizing the end-to-end IT landscape is key. This approach allows for a comprehensive and holistic view of mining operations, facilitating better decision-making and overall efficiency.

Does your mining

enterprise encounter obstacles

when it comes to generating profits and achieving sustainable outcomes?

  • Establishing a flexible digital infrastructure that can adapt to an increasingly unpredictable future.
  • Ensuring comprehensive efficiency throughout the intricate mining value chains.
  • Harnessing the full potential of digital technologies across the entire mining process, from extraction to market distribution.
  • Cultivating a work environment that promotes predictable, agile, and precise operations and decision-making.
  • Effectively managing workforce and workplace processes digitally and fostering collaborative practices, from hiring to payroll management.
AMS Services


Application Lifecycle Management Services
  • Transformation centric AMS
  • Modernization, Implementation & support
  • Quality Assurance & Testing
Digital Advisory


Digital Advisory & Consulting
  • Digital roadmap
  • Advisory & consulting
  • POC-POV-Implementation -Value realization in areas like RPA, AI & ML
Infrastructure Management


Infrastructure Management
  • Cloud Technology Management
  • Unified Communication and Device Management
  • Big Data and Database Management
  • Managed Infrastructure Services
Analytics & Business Intelligence


Analytics & Business Intelligence
  • Marketing and Business Analytics
  • Revenue Management
  • Customer and Digital Analytics
Mobility Solutions


Mobility Solutions
  • Mobility Advisory Services
  • Mobility Application Development Services
  • Mobility QA Services
  • Enterprise Mobility
With a track record spanning over ten years, VTS is a trusted partner in the mining industry, providing assistance in establishing digital roadmaps and implementing transformative experiences.

Our expertise has been instrumental in accelerating the digital journeys of numerous major mining companies worldwide. By working closely with these organizations, we have successfully identified and addressed inefficiencies throughout their entire value chains.

Our focus is on delivering a robust, streamlined, and synchronized IT infrastructure that not only safeguards your financial stability but also enhances operational stability.

We understand the importance of a rationalized approach to IT, ensuring that your balance sheets are protected while achieving optimal performance across your mining operations.


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