Rise with SAP

Seize control of your business and initiate a comprehensive enterprise transformation using a single contract.

SAP's primary aim has always been to support its customers in achieving success. While customers are knowledgeable about SAP's transformation potential, their main challenge lies in achieving concrete results, fully realizing its promises, and tapping into untapped potential.

To accomplish this, enterprises must adopt new business models and intelligent processes.

Service Offers

RISE with SAP empowers enterprises to become intelligent organizations characterized by a range of optimized processes, modern IT infrastructure, a culture centered around cloud technology, and embedded innovative technologies.

It consolidates all the essential components required for transformation and seamlessly integrates them into enterprises' IT landscape.

Regardless of an organization's technological maturity or SAP coverage, RISE with SAP accelerates progress on the transformation journey.


Rise with SAP provides a comprehensive set of features and offerings to support organizations in their transformation journey. It includes cloud deployment options, integrated tools for a smooth transition, advanced analytics capabilities, collaborative business networking, credits for technology platforms, and ongoing updates and support to keep systems optimized and secure. Rise with SAP encompasses several key features and offerings that facilitate enterprise transformation. These features include:

SAP S/4HANA Cloud (Public or Private Cloud)

Rise with SAP provides the option to leverage SAP S/4HANA Cloud, allowing businesses to benefit from the capabilities of SAP's intelligent ERP system. This can be deployed either on a public or private cloud infrastructure.

Solution Operationalization on Select Hyperscaler

Rise with SAP enables the operationalization of solutions on chosen hyperscalers. This means that businesses can leverage the infrastructure and services provided by these hyperscalers to run their SAP solutions effectively.

Integrated tools for a seamless transition to Cloud

Rise with SAP offers integrated tools such as Readiness Check, Learning Hub, and Custom Code Migration App. These tools assist in evaluating the readiness of an organization for transitioning to the cloud, provide learning resources for upskilling employees, and facilitate the migration of custom code to ensure a smooth transition.

MSAP Business Process Intelligence

This feature provides advanced analytical capabilities to gain insights into business processes, enabling organizations to optimize and streamline their operations based on data-driven decisions.

Entry-level package for SAP Business Network

Rise with SAP includes an entry-level package for SAP Business Network, which facilitates collaborative processes and digital connectivity with suppliers, customers, and partners.

CPEA credits for SAP Business Technology Platform

Rise with SAP offers Customer-Premise Equipment Agreement (CPEA) credits for the SAP Business Technology Platform. These credits can be used to access and leverage various services and technologies within the SAP Business Technology Platform.

All updates and patches

With Rise with SAP, businesses receive regular updates and patches for their SAP solutions. This ensures that their systems stay up-to-date with the latest enhancements, bug fixes, and security patches.


Rise with SAP offering simplifies vendor management through a unified contract, incorporates best practices and AI for an intelligent foundation, provides end-to-end support for sustainability initiatives through a technology ecosystem, and offers easy integration and extension with non-SAP and third-party technologies for enhanced flexibility and compatibility.

Simplified Vendor Management

This offering provides a single, comprehensive offer presented through a single contract, which greatly simplifies the process of vendor management. Instead of dealing with multiple contracts and offers, businesses can streamline their vendor relationships with this unified approach.

Embedded Best Practices, Business Models, and Built-in AI

This offering incorporates embedded best practices and proven business models, providing organizations with a solid foundation for success. Additionally, it leverages built-in artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities to enhance operations, optimize processes, and drive intelligent decision-making.

End-to-End Support for Sustainability

Businesses seeking to prioritize sustainability initiatives will benefit from the end-to-end support provided by this offering. It is backed by a network of technology providers that specialize in sustainable solutions, enabling organizations to address environmental concerns, reduce their carbon footprint, and meet their sustainability goals effectively.

Easy Extension and Integration with Non-SAP and Third-Party Technology

This offering offers seamless integration and extension capabilities with non-SAP and third-party technologies. It ensures compatibility and smooth collaboration with external systems, allowing businesses to leverage their preferred tools and solutions without limitations or constraints.

How VTS can collaborate.

VTS, a prominent global partner of SAP, plays a crucial role in enabling customer success by offering all the individual components of the RISE with SAP program from a single source.

VTS' expertise lies in key elements such as Business Process Redesign, Technical Migration, and Intelligent Enterprise, which are fundamental to the effectiveness of the RISE with SAP initiative.

As a modern managed cloud service provider trusted by leading hyperscalers and possessing extensive knowledge of the SAP application suite, VTS has the necessary experience and technical capabilities to help organizations fully leverage the benefits of RISE with SAP, regardless of their current stage in the transformation journey. With a strong track record in SAP services, including HANA, S/4HANA, and Analytics, as well as specialized RISE services, VTS enables businesses to accelerate their transformation efforts and attain improved efficiencies, agility, and innovation in the cloud. By partnering with VTS, organizations can collaborate on implementing the required SAP solutions, develop tailored extensions that precisely align with their specific needs, and enhance the standard SAP offerings with industry-specific functionalities.

Advisory Services

Gain access to a comprehensive suite of advisory services that cover various aspects, including assessing your business, evaluating your existing technology landscape, and identifying opportunities for business improvement. These services provide valuable insights and recommendations to guide your decision-making process and drive positive changes within your organization.

Business Process Optimization

With a thorough understanding of your processes, we help you create a tangible business case by identifying areas for improvement. We customize solutions to enhance your processes, ensuring they are efficient, effective, and aligned with your strategic goals. We also provide structured frameworks that enable your optimized processes to withstand the test of time, ensuring long-term success.

Implementation Services

Choose from a wide range of comprehensive SAP implementation solutions tailored to your specific needs. These services are designed to accelerate your transformation journey by providing the necessary expertise, resources, and support throughout the implementation process. By leveraging our implementation services, you can achieve efficiency gains, streamline operations, and maximize the return on your investments in SAP technologies.

AMS Services

Transition to a 'zero maintenance strategy' for your SAP applications through our NextGen Application Management Services. We take care of the ongoing management, monitoring, and support of your SAP applications, freeing up your internal resources to focus on innovation and business growth. Our services ensure that your SAP applications remain optimized, secure, and up-to-date, allowing you to extract the maximum value from your technology investments.


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