SAP Infrastructure

Build a strong base to drive the growth of your Intelligent Enterprise.

In response to the increasing demand for competitiveness, the constant evolution of complex technologies, and the business need for enhanced visibility, transparency, operational excellence, and profitability, organizations are turning to advanced SAP solutions.

However, effectively managing an SAP environment is a challenging endeavour that requires specialized expertise to ensure seamless operations and continuous improvement.

Service Offers

VTS offers a comprehensive SAP Infrastructure Services portfolio that is designed to create a flexible and service-oriented SAP ecosystem.

Our range of services is geared towards fortifying the SAP landscape to adapt to technological advancements, enabling enterprises to become real-time businesses.


VTS offers an extensive range of support services for SAP Infrastructure, all managed and overseen by our SAP Infrastructure CoE.

The CoE is led by highly experienced subject matter experts and SAP technology specialists who are responsible for handling various administration tasks related to the entire SAP stack, including infrastructure (on-premises and cloud), operating systems, databases, and applications.

Our team has a wealth of practical knowledge and expertise in ensuring the availability, performance, and effective change management of the complete SAP landscape for organizations worldwide.

SAP on Cloud

Embark on your enterprise modernization journey by transitioning SAP workloads to the cloud.

SAP BASIS & HANA Administration

Eliminate uncertainties in managing HANA and BASIS by utilizing VTS's comprehensive database administrative services.

SAP Security

Safeguard your enterprise against unexpected security breaches by fortifying your data, applications, and servers.

SAP Solution Manager

Elevate your journey to success with SAP Solution Manager, serving as the cockpit for your Intelligent Enterprise.

SAP Upgrade Conversions

Elevate the performance of your enterprise by upgrading your SAP landscape to meet its demands.


Ensure the integrity of your enterprise systems by implementing risk control and mitigation measures to protect against potential threats.

SAP Archiving

Ensure the integrity of your enterprise systems by implementing risk control and mitigation measures to protect against potential threats.


With VTS's Managed SAP Infrastructure Support Services, customers can ensure adherence to the highest standards and ITIL best practices.

Our teams are equipped with extensive expertise across various administration activities, including hosting, availability, maintenance, performance, capacity planning, change management, and security, spanning the entire SAP Stack.

Benefiting from our experience, our teams have developed a range of innovative tools, accelerators, and templates that drive automation throughout the assessment, end-user activities, operations, maintenance, and performance domains. By leveraging our well-established framework, we take complete ownership of the SAP technology lifecycle and seamlessly integrate it with the appropriate engagement model.


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