RPA Implementation Services

Drive Efficiency and Cost Savings with RPA Implementation

RPA implementations have gained widespread recognition for their ability to save businesses significant money and resources over time. If you have determined that RPA is the ideal solution for your business needs, VTS is here to assist you in developing a customized strategy to ensure a successful implementation.

At VTS, we provide comprehensive support for end-to-end RPA implementation services, ranging from RPA strategy development and pilot projects to full-scale implementations. Our expertise extends to designing operating models and advanced automation, integrating RPA with analytics and cognitive solutions.

Service Offers

Our service delivery strategy at VTS is focused on delivering tangible results. We cover all aspects, including designing, managing, learning, and adapting solutions to evolving demands. With our well-defined framework, enterprises can rapidly and efficiently expand their automation solutions. Our platform-neutral RPA maturity framework serves as a roadmap for customers on their automation journey.

With a highly experienced workforce, we have successfully designed, built, implemented, and maintained over 100+ processes using a mature RPA implementation approach, best practices, and a comprehensive governance model.

At VTS, we leverage a combination of AI, ML technologies, and RPA implementation services to help our business partners modernize their processes and enhance their internal ecosystem. Through our end-to-end RPA services, we seamlessly incorporate intelligent automation into your business processes, enabling increased team productivity, improved scalability, and reduced operational expenses.

Having automated millions of business transactions, our experience spans across various industries. We assist you in embracing robotic automation opportunities, enabling you to build, manage, and scale your digital workforce effectively.

VTS is dedicated to helping organizations develop automated solutions that drive cost reduction and reimagine processes, leading to intuitive systems. Leveraging leading RPA tools such as UiPath, Automation Anywhere, and Blue Prism, we implement seamless systems that deliver high performance. Our RPA implementation approach includes the following steps:

  • Build an RPA Strategy
  • Establish Operating Model
  • Opportunity Assessment
  • Roadmap Creation
  • Agile Development Methodology
  • Change Management - Continuous Improvement and Innovation
  • RPA Center of Excellence - Training & Sustainability

RPA Life Cycle: Enhancing Efficiency through Process Automation

Throughout the RPA life cycle, organizations can streamline their processes, improve accuracy, reduce manual effort, and achieve significant time and cost savings. Effective implementation and management of the RPA life cycle ensure successful automation initiatives and sustainable benefits.

Discovery Phase
  • Identify: Identify and evaluate business processes that are suitable for automation using RPA.
  • Select: Choose the most suitable processes based on criteria such as rule-based, repetitive, and high volume.
Design Phase
  • Design: Analyze and design the automation workflow for the selected processes, identifying key steps and dependencies.
  • Process Mapping: Map out the current manual process and define the desired automated process flow.
  • Exception Handling: Determine how exceptions or errors will be handled within the automation.
Development Phase
  • Develop: Build and configure the RPA bots or software robots based on the defined automation workflow.
  • Integration: Integrate the RPA solution with existing systems and applications to facilitate seamless data exchange and interaction.
Testing Phase
  • Test: Conduct thorough testing to ensure the accuracy and reliability of the RPA implementation.
  • Test Scenarios: Create test scenarios to validate the automation workflow and identify any potential issues or bugs
  • User Acceptance Testing: Involve end-users to validate the automation solution and gather feedback for improvements.
User Experience
  • Fiori / SAP UI5 Apps
  • SAP Personas
Implementation Phase
  • Deployment: Deploy the RPA solution into the production environment.
  • Training: Provide training to users and stakeholders on how to effectively utilize and interact with the RPA system.
  • Monitoring: Implement monitoring mechanisms to track the performance and effectiveness of the RPA solution.
  • Continuous Improvement: Regularly assess and optimize the automation process to identify areas for improvement and efficiency gains.

Throughout the RPA life cycle, organizations can streamline their processes, improve accuracy, reduce manual effort, and achieve significant time and cost savings. Effective implementation and management of the RPA life cycle ensure successful automation initiatives and sustainable benefits.


VTS boasts an accomplished in-house team of certified RPA experts who possess extensive experience in implementing automated solutions across various industries, including Banking and Finance, Manufacturing, Healthcare, and Lifesciences.

Our focus extends beyond mere implementation, as we strive to deliver synchronized performance and maintain peak efficiency throughout the entire process management lifecycle.

By integrating RPA solutions, we ensure maximum efficiency and derive optimal value from your processes. Our comprehensive RPA implementation and support services are designed to drive speed, ROI, and seamless process integration.


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