Enterprise Modernization with Azure

Unleash the Infinite Capabilities of Azure Cloud Services for Building Solutions Prepared for the Future.

In today's business landscape, speed and scalability are crucial for every enterprise. As a result, cloud investments have become a top priority for organizations.

By migrating applications to the Cloud, companies can effectively handle increased traffic, easily scale resources, fulfil growing storage requirements, establish multi-region infrastructure, and minimize operational costs and infrastructure burdens.

Service Offers

VTS is committed to assisting businesses in harnessing the constantly expanding capabilities of Microsoft Azure Cloud Services to enhance the speed and scalability of their operations.

Our team excels at leveraging Azure's rapid innovation to provide agile IT processes, empowering our customers to efficiently manage and optimize their hybrid IT environment.



Ensure the continuous functionality and modernization of your IT systems by utilizing the comprehensive implementation services offered by VTS. With VTS, you can efficiently provision platforms that align with the dynamic pace of your business, keeping your IT infrastructure up to date and fully operational.

Application Development

Leverage the expertise of VTS to effortlessly create and enhance open, integrated, modern, and intelligent applications. With our assistance, you can accelerate your go-to-market strategy by deploying cloud-native applications that are not only effective and scalable but also deliver exceptional performance.


Optimize your migration initiative by aligning it with a high-performance, Microsoft Azure native file storage service designed for your critical business applications. This service enables you to efficiently migrate and optimize your data, applications, infrastructure, and business processes to the cloud, ensuring seamless integration and enhanced performance.


Revitalize and enhance your application by embracing a new architectural paradigm that leverages serverless computing, microservices architecture, and Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS). This approach allows you to migrate your application to the cloud while preserving its existing functionality. By adopting this modernization strategy, you can unlock the benefits of scalability, flexibility, and cost-effectiveness offered by the cloud while ensuring your application remains fully functional and up to date.


At VTS, our experts collaborate closely with you to understand your business challenges and technology obstacles. We provide practical architecture and solutions that address your specific needs. With our visionary approach, we help you build a solid foundation for growth, enabling you to scale up your enterprise landscape. Our roadmap assessment ensures that you have a clear path forward, guided by our expertise and insights.

Support & Sustenance

For companies hosting their applications on Azure, it is crucial to ensure ongoing maintenance and updates to thrive in the dynamic environment. VTS offers comprehensive administration, monitoring, and support services to keep your Azure environment running smoothly. Whether it's a public, private, or hybrid cloud setup, our expert team provides continuous assistance, ensuring the optimal performance and stability of your Azure infrastructure.


With a wealth of experience in strategic consulting, VTS is dedicated to helping businesses optimize the value of their investments in Microsoft Technologies through the development of highly effective custom solutions.

At VTS, we have a talented pool of certified and experienced consultants who specialize in Microsoft technologies. Our consultants stay up to date with the latest technological advancements through R&D, ensuring they possess cutting-edge expertise.

VTS also boasts extensive experience in Azure cloud solution consulting, development, and governance. Our global team comprises highly competent and skilled experts in Office 365 and Azure technologies. We have worked extensively with various cloud transformation tools and application modernization processes, further enhancing our proficiency in delivering successful projects.


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